The Ethiopian custom commission(ECC )is the body responsible for collecting revenues from customs duties. In addition to raising revenue, the ECC is responsible to protect the society from adverse effects of smuggling. It seizes and takes legal action on the people and vehicles involved in the act of smuggling while it facilitates the legitimate movement of goods and people across the border.Ethiopian customs commission has recently come into existence by proclamation number 1097/2018 which is separated from the earlier “Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority” Headed by a Commissioner accountable to Ministry of Revenues by possessing its own vision and mission.



Minister Of Revenues

Ato Debele Kebeta

Customs Commission Commissioner


Ato Mulugeta Beyene

Customs Deputy Commissioner Compliance Division

Ato Azezew Chane

Customs Operation Division Deputy Commissioner

Meserak Mamo

Customs Capacity and Support Division Deputy Commissioner

Ato Mule Abidisa Etecha

Custom commission Office head

Ato Keberu Lakew Teksete

Customs commission commissioner advisors

Smeret Gezehagne

Customers education and support director

Ato Yonas Tekelewold Belayneh

Operation division office head

Ato zerehun Asefa Zulo

compliance division office head

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